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Work-Life Balance Workshop - Setting Boundaries as SLPs

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

It's no surprise that those who are attracted to a career in speech therapy have a strong desire to help others, and it's admirable to dedicate so much of your time to helping clients achieve their goals! But as COVID-19 continues globally and many of us are forced to work online, it can be challenging to separate your personal life from work.

Managing tasks on a daily basis is already time-consuming, so it can be overwhelming when the line between work and home life becomes blurred. That's why we're hosting an online workshop dedicated to understanding the respect you deserve and what strategies can be implemented into your routine to maintain a balance. Self care and setting boundaries will always be important, so these skills will benefit you once therapy resumes in-person as well.

If you're interested in attending on January 27th at 12pm, click here to register. We look forward to seeing you there!

Looking for tips on navigating telepractice in Canada? Check out this blog post for some of our suggestions. Keep an eye on our events page under "Resources" on the Andalusia Speech website for future workshops and more.


Andalusia Speech Therapy has multiple clinics across Ontario and offers virtual therapy to clients anywhere in the world. Contact us more for information.

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