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Meet Our Team

Every individual member of our team believes in helping others communicate freely and we put our genuine heart and effort into helping our clients achieve their goals!

We offer our services in English, French, Russian, Hebrew, Cantonese, Mandarin, Bengali, Tamil, Arabic, Tagalog, Punjabi, Gujrati, and Hindi. If you want therapy in-person or online, contact us today to see how we can help you communicate freely!

Founder & Lead Speech Pathologist


Ibtissam Mustaq

Founder and President


Maria is the first point of contact for our team and clients. She is passionate about helping people by ensuring client satisfaction and team cohesion.  At Andalusia Speech, Maria spends her time providing administrative and HR support, improving HR policies and employee advocacy, all while working remotely from Hamilton! Maria enjoys spending time with her family on the weekends and baking. 

Image 2.jpg

Maria Reano

HR & Admin Specialist

Weris has a Bachelors in Health and a passion for healthcare. She is new to the Human Resources field and aspires to do her best to make a difference by spreading kindness and compassion. At Andalusia Speech she provides admin and HR support. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family and friends as well as watching movies/documentaries.


Weris Hassan

HR & Admin Assistant

Franchesca has a Masters of Health Science in Speech Language Pathology and works part time as a Speech Language Pathologist. As the Clinical Coordinator at Andalusia, she's able to apply her clinical knowledge as a Speech-Language Pathologist to improve and oversee operations. She also acts as a liaison between the administrative and clinical teams. She loves to work with and provide support to people as both a therapist and coordinator. She strives to create and maintain positive, healthy, and safe environments within the team. In her free time, Franchesca enjoys reading, taking dance lessons, and gaming.

Franchesca Dizon Headshot_edited.jpg

Franchesca Dizon

Clinical Coordinator

Lysa graduated in Human Resources - Administration at Seneca College. Lysa comes from many experiences in admin and is passionate in helping others especially her teammates in creating a more efficient and organized work environment for everyone. During her spare time, Lysa loves to stay active through pilates and walking her 2 dogs! She also enjoys reading romance/fantasy books and watching or listening to crime related podcasts and videos.

Headshot - Lysa _edited.jpg

Lysa Bui

Admin Assistant


Anna is evidence-driven in her clinical practice and holds both a research Master's of Science and a clinical Master's of Health Science in Speech Language Pathology. With several publications under her belt in the field, she continuously brings our team back to the important question: "But does the research support this?!" And that is why we want her on our side - science with enthusiasm, the most compelling combination in a clinician! 

Anna Mersov Speech Language Pathologist

Anna Mersov

Speech Language Pathologist

Clinical Placement Supervisor,

Clinical Mentor


Mikyla Grau

Speech Language Pathologist

Clinical Mentor

Languages: English, Russian, Hebrew

Liv completed her Master's of Speech-Language Pathology at the University of Toronto. She has experience working with children and adults in a variety of settings including private practice, hospitals, and rehabilitation centres. Liv is committed to providing evidence-based, inclusive and family-centered care. She strives to support clients with achieving their communication goals by forming genuine connections and sharing moments of joy. Liv is formally trained in Hanen’s It Takes Two to Talk, The Lidcombe Program for stuttering, and Fluency Plus. In her free time, Liv enjoys Zumba, embroidery, and spending time with her family and dog.

Headshot - Olivia .jpg

Liv Kuznetsov

Speech Language Pathologist 

Languages: English, Hebrew

Headshot - Dasha_edited.jpg

Dasha Tecson

Katie completed her Master’s of Speech-Language Pathology at the University of Toronto. She has experience working with clients of all ages across a variety of settings, including private clinics, rehabilitation centres, and hospitals. Katie is passionate about helping clients achieve their communication goals and is committed to providing individualized, inclusive, and client-centred care. In her free time, Katie enjoys traveling, being outdoors, and spending time with family and friends. 

Headshot - Katie _edited.jpg

Katie Nielsen

Headshot - Marika _edited.jpg

Marika is a Speech Language Pathologist with experience in both the school board and private practice settings. Originally from Sudbury, she moved to London, Ontario to complete her master's at Western University before moving to Toronto (with her cat, Jiji). She believes in a community, holistic approach to care and is always trying to learn how to see her work from different perspectives. 

Marika Robillard

Speech Language Pathologist

Speech Language Pathologist 

Speech Language Pathologist 

Grace has over 10 years of experience working directly with children in both a hospital and community setting. Her adaptability allows her to foster a positive and supportive atmosphere for individualized growth and development. She places importance on continually educating herself and ensuring that her space is an inclusive and safe environment. Originally from the United States, she (and her dog) are happy to have found a new home here in Toronto.


Grace Helms

Speech Therapy Assistant

Speech Therapy Assistant

Headshot - Esther _edited.jpg

Esther Portillo-Cisneros


Lois has a Bachelor's Degree in Speech- Language Pathology from the Philippines. She has worked with children and adults with communication difficulties. She believes in the importance of meaningful connections and engagement during therapy sessions, and she strives to provide evidence-based practice to her clients.  She is very friendly and enjoys talking with people. She loves to travel, go on nature trips, and watch movies in her free time. 

Lois Guidote

Speech Therapy Assistant


Amber holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Psych

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Headshot - Olivia .jpeg

Bio coming soon!

Harleen Gidda

Olivia Martella

Speech Therapy Assistant

Speech Therapy Assistant


As a Palestinian, born in Lebanon, and raised in Canada, Batoul emphasizes the importance of providing culturally competent and client-centred therapy. Her previous experience includes working with both children and adults in a variety of settings including preschool initiatives, camp programs, hospitals, and a rehabilitation centre. Batoul is passionate about providing each and every client evidence-based and personalized therapy to achieve a magnitude of communication needs.


Batoul El Sayah

Jasmine has experience working with a wide age range of clients from diverse backgrounds. Her previous experience includes working with children in after-school literacy programs as well as adults with aphasia and other acquired communication disorders. She strongly believes in the importance of cultural competency within the communication sciences and provides client-centered care. When she’s not at work Jasmine enjoys reading and writing as well exploring new restaurants in her city!

Jasmine Wilson.jpg

Jasmine Wilson 

Nathalia received her Master's degree in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Toronto. She has experience working with children with a wide range of abilities and profiles. She has also worked with adults primarily in the area of accent modification. Nathalia strives to provide individualized and inclusive care to help each client and their families reach their own goals. Nathalia is formally trained in Hanen’s It Takes Two to Talk, The Lidcombe Program for stuttering, and Fluency Plus. In her free time, Nathalia enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.

Headshot - Nathalia _edited.jpg

Nathalia DasGupta

Speech Language Pathologist

Speech Therapy Assistant

Speech Language Pathologist

Languages: English, Arabic

Languages: English, Spanish

Bio coming soon!

Nayasta Kusdaya - badge.jpg

Nayasta Kusdaya

Occupational Therapist


Raeesa Bhanji Headshot_edited.jpg

Raeesa Bhanji

Speech Language Pathologist

Originally from Romania, Mihaela spent nine years at Columbia University in New York, honing her skills in brain research. Motivated by her belief in communication as a fundamental human right, Mihaela pursued a master’s degree in health science and speech-language pathology at the University of Toronto. Her focus lies in bridging the gap between research and clinical application, particularly in integrating new technologies into speech therapy and communication devices. As a clinician, Mihaela is dedicated to providing client-oriented services, aiming to meet each individual's unique needs. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family, including their cat and hamster.


Mihaela Stefan

Shiyannie Waran

Speech Language Pathologist

Speech Therapy Assistant

Sierra has a passion for helping children, and, through her care and dedication, is committed to helping individuals unlock their full communication potential. Sierra has experience working with children personally and professionally, and continues her studies at the University of Toronto. Her warm and empathetic demeanor brings clients at ease, allowing her to build a supportive and encouraging environment where growth and progress thrive. When she is not helping clients or furthering her knowledge, Sierra enjoys baking and going for walks with her dog.

Sierra - Headshot _edited.jpg

Sierra Ialongo

Shiromee has a Bachelor's degree from University of Toronto in Psychology and Linguistics, and Communicative Disorders Assistant diploma. She has worked closely with speech-language pathologists to provide personalized care to children and adults facing various communication disorders. She excels in implementing therapy plans, and utilizing innovative techniques to enhance speech and language. Shiromee is committed to creating a nurturing and supportive environment, fostering trust and rapport with clients and their families. Driven by a genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of others, Shiromee remains dedicated to ongoing professional development, staying abreast of the latest advancements and evidence-based practices in the field of communication disorders. Outside of her professional endeavors, Shiromee enjoys dance and music, finding inspiration and creativity in her personal pursuits that further enrich her ability to connect and relate to individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Headshot - Shiromee_edited.jpg

Shiromee Arudselvan

Speech Therapy Assistant

Speech Therapy Assistant



Carly Moreau

Speech Therapy Assistant


Noor is originally from Lebanon and was raised between Canada and Lebanon. She has a Speech-Language Pathology degree from Phoenicia University in Lebanon. Noor’s experience was compiled from working with the pediatric population of varied linguistic cultures including Lebanese, Palestinian and Syrian in various settings such as clinics, schools, and NGOs. She strives to provide an inclusive and interactive environment abiding by the moto: “Everyone deserves a voice”. During her free time, Noor enjoys drawing, reading, and experimenting in new recipes.


Jada has a Bachelor’s Honours in Linguistics from Carleton University. She has experience working with individuals of various ages from diverse backgrounds as a classroom assistant and a tutor. Being highly organized and detail-oriented, she is able to help clients with their individualized goals effectively. Jada is passionate about language and communication, and supporting individuals in a safe and inclusive environment. In her free time, she loves to read, work out, and spend quality time with friends and family.

Jada Headshot1_edited.jpg

Salam is a proud Canadian with a Lebanese heritage and is currently in her second year at the University of Ottawa, completing a Masters in Speech and Language Pathology. She has experience as an employee, volunteer and as an intern in a variety of different contexts such as hospitals, schools, and private clinics. She has encountered a variety of individuals with different speech and language needs and is always striving to increase her experience and continually update her education. She believes in fostering a client-centered and culturally sensitive environment to help clients reach their optimal communication potential.

In her free time, Salam enjoys playing piano and singing. 


Noor Khalil

Jada Clark

Salam Salame

Speech Therapy Assistant

Speech Therapy Assistant

Speech Therapy Assistant

Languages: Arabic

Kayla is currently completing her degree in Linguistics with a Concentration in Psycholinguistics and Communication Disorders at Carleton University and has obtained a Developmental Services Worker Diploma from Algonquin College. She has always had a passion for working with children and has gained experience from teaching skating lessons, working in group homes, supporting students and classrooms as an educational assistant as well as providing respite services to private clients. In her free time, she enjoys playing hockey, being outdoors, and hanging out with her dog.

Headshot - Kayla _edited.jpg

Kayla Gallant

Speech Therapy Assistant

Zahra completed her Master’s in SLP from the university of Toronto. Her previous experience includes working with both children and adults in a variety of settings including clinics, hospitals and research labs. Zahra is passionate about supporting and involving parents and caregivers in the therapy process. She aims to empower families by educating them about communication strategies needed to care for their loved ones. Outside of work, Zahra enjoys painting, drawing and baking

Headshot - Zahra Anwar _edited.jpg

Zahra Anwar

Speech Language Pathologist


Coralie is a passionate and dedicated clinician who prides herself in providing client-centered care and delivering therapy through a strength-based approach. She has experience working with children and adults in a variety of settings including schools, hospitals, and rehabilitation centres. Coralie strives to create an inclusive environment for her clients and their families as she believes fostering confidence and resiliency leads to a successful therapy experience and outcome. During her free time, Coralie enjoys travelling, reading, and spending time with family and friends. 

Headshot_Coralie Andre (1).jpeg

Shiyannie received an Honours Bachelor of Science degree, double majoring in Human Biology and Health Studies from the University of Toronto. Shiyannie strives to provide individualized and inclusive care to help each client achieve their speech goals. She collaborates closely with clients, their families, and relevant professionals to ensure the ongoing success of her clients. Her combination of culturally informed, client-led and play-based approach to therapy fosters a positive, supportive, and meaningful experience for all clients. 

Headshot - Michelle .JPG

Coralie Andre

Shiyannie Waran

Michelle Blessing

Speech Language Pathologist

Speech Therapy Assistant

Speech Therapy Assistant

Languages: French

Languages: Tamil


Since 2018, Nicole has thoroughly enjoyed her work as a certified Communicative Disorders Assistant. Her clinical experience is diverse, having worked with many different ages, cultures, and communication needs. As an empathetic clinician who is truly passionate about what she does, Nicole works hard to help each client to the best of her ability. She enjoys tailoring sessions to the personal interests of the client, so that treatment is always engaging and fun. Outside of work, Nicole loves any outdoor activity, travel, and spending time with her loved ones.  

IMG 5464_edited.jpg

Nicole Phelps

Speech Therapy Assistant


Headshot (4)_edited.jpg

Margaret Papel

Speech Therapy Assistant

Surrey, BC


Mikyla Grau

Karolina is originally from Mexico and is currently doing an early childhood education Diploma in the university of Douglas in Canada to promote educational tools while applying speech guidance. She has a bachelor in human communication from the Instituto José David, A,C (IJD) located in Chihuahua. She has experience in providing  individual speech therapy and group therapy to people with different kinds of diagnoses such as autism, speech delay, aphasia, sindromes, hearing impairment, and others, which she obtained working for two years inside the clinic area in the IJD and different speech centers. She has a brother with autism  that motivates her to help families around the world promoting a quality in communication in different individuals, of all ages. She plans to obtain a master degree in speech pathology to keep working in Canada on what she did in her country. In her free time she loves to hang out with her family and friends as well as watch movies and get to explore Canada since she is getting to know the country as a newcomer. 

Headshot - Karolina _edited.jpg

Karolina Arreola Valdez

Speech Language Pathologist

Speech Therapy Assistant

Clinical Mentor

Sudbury, Maritimes

Leandra is a Sudbury native and provides therapy to our Sudbury clients or online. She has experience in a variety of settings, including hospital, school board, and private clinic and looks forward to continue to assist others using a client-centered approach. She is passionate about helping others and hopes to promote a comforting space for clients of all ages and with diverse communication needs. During her leisure time, Leandra enjoys taking photo walks and watching movies.


Shai-Lynn is a new graduate with a Bachelors in Speech-Language Pathology, and will be pursuing her Master’s in the fall of 2023. She hopes to learn and grow as a professional in the field, all the while doing her best to be empathic, welcoming and helpful to those who surround her. At Andalusia Speech she acts as a Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with loved ones and her family pets, as well as enjoying the outdoors. 


Alex is a passionate clinician who prides herself on providing family centered care. She has experience working with children and adults working in a variety of settings. Alex strides to create a welcoming and inclusive environment in her sessions. In her free time, she enjoys reading, hiking, and crafting.

Headshot - Alex .jpeg

Leandra Stopar

Shai-Lynn Fortin

Alex Zannier 

Speech Language Pathologist

Languages: English, French

Speech Language Pathologist


Speech Language Pathologist

Languages: English, French

Online Speech Therapy

All our therapists provide virtual therapy in addition to in-person therapy at their local clinic.

Licenses & Training

All our Speech Language Pathologists have a Master's of Speech Therapy and are licenced by the College of Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologists of Ontario (CASLPO).

Training and certifications acquired by our team include:

Motor Speech Articulation: Prompt Introduction, Prompt Bridging

Autism: More than Words

Stuttering: Fluency Plus, Lidcombe

Language: Hanen It Takes Two and Target Word

Literacy: Orton Gillingham

Aphasia: Supported Conversation with Adults with Aphasia

Alternative Augmentative Communication (AAC): Picture Exchange Communication (PECS)

Online Therapy
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