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Respect, Work-Life Balance and Setting Boundaries for SLPs

Informative, Interactive and Inclusive Workshops


Did you know that a healthy work-life balance can help reduce stress and leads to increased contentment? 

By instilling a healthy work-life balance as an employee you are able to create a happier work culture, which in turn, works to create a more productive workplace as well as improves the mental health of an employee. Through the Andalusia Speech Therapy Workshop, we will learn how to create a healthier and happier work dynamic for both employees and employers. 

As a generation, we have instilled values that put our employer before our mental health. Over time many employees have developed anxiety or made to feel bad in regards to calling in sick or taking time off to care for their mental health or physical health. Regardless, your mental and physical health should come first no matter the circumstances. 


The respect, work-life balance, and setting boundaries for the SLPS workshop focus on how to create a safe space for employees and ensure that as an employee you are prioritizing your mental and physical health as well as setting boundaries to ensure that you are valued and respected. Throughout this workshop, we go through a series of modules that teach the following:

  • The importance of work-life balance - How to tell if your work environment is healthy, signs of bad work-life balance, understanding your personal values and priorities, and how to prioritize your time effectively.

  • Understanding Respect and Boundaries - Being able to have an open discussion surrounding respect/boundaries, identifying your boundaries, and being open with what makes somebody comfortable (what is appropriate).

  • Broken Boundaries - Understanding that as an SLP you are allowed to set boundaries with clients, how to respond when boundaries are broken and recognize personality disorders, and how to respond to those as well.

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to fully understand how to feel comfortable setting boundaries as an SLP in the workplace and setting boundaries in your personal life.

Interested in learning more? Download our workshop guide to see the types of workshops we offer, with pricing and participant size included below.

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