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Autism Spectrum Disorder

If your child is showing signs of Autism or already has a diagnosis, we can help with developing social communication and language skills. Our assessments include screening for autism and our therapy incorporates evidence-based practices for children on the spectrum to help them develop social skills and language. 

What to expect during your visit:

Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) are often the first professionals to notice signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). When looking for these signs, your SLP will assess your child’s social communication skills (e.g. eye contact, pointing, turn taking), play skills, overall behaviour (e.g. attention, reactions to changing activities, sensory needs), and any delays in understanding language or expressing themselves verbally. 


If your SLP has any concerns for ASD, they will recommend that you ask your Family Doctor for a referral for a Developmental Assessment. This is where a Doctor will formally assess your child for ASD. This entire process is private and you do not have to share the results of our assessment with anyone. 


If your child already has a diagnosis for ASD, we will help them develop their skills in all necessary areas, including social communication and oral language. We start with an assessment to identify your child’s specific goals as each child with ASD has unique strengths and weaknesses. Then therapy sessions focus on working with your child directly and training parents or guardians on the strategies to practice at home. Weekly therapy sessions are usually recommended, though sometimes we suggest twice a week.

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