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Some sounds are trickier than others to say. If you or your child are having difficulties pronouncing certain sounds or if their speech is unclear, contact us for an assessment and therapy sessions. We will let you know if your child is on the right track, help identify any issues, and provide one-on-one training and tips for home practice to help achieve their speech goals!

What to expect during your visit:

When assessing articulation (clarity of speech sounds), we start by showing the individual a list of pictures and listen to them naming the words they see. Then the Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) has a casual conversation with the individual to listen to their articulation when they are speaking in full sentences. Your SLP will then analyze what they’ve heard and write a report that identifies any speech errors. They will determine if the errors are appropriate for the individual’s age and don’t require intervention, or if they should start therapy for those sounds now. 


Therapy sessions are usually recommended once a week with homework provided in between. The more regularly the individual comes to speech therapy and completes the homework, the faster they will achieve their goals.

Are you interested in booking our services?

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