Sudbury: Accessing Public Allied Health Services

We're thrilled to be offering our services to the Sudbury community – but did you know there are publicly funded resources for Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Psychotherapy offered at no cost? Keep reading to find out how to access these services!

Children and Youth

Health Sciences North's Children's Treatment Centre (NEO Kids) located just minutes from Laurentian University offers a number of programs in English and French for children up to age 19. Some of the services they have include:

  • PATH (ages 24mo - 4yrs) - for children with motor and communication delays; parents must submit an application for this program and a meeting will be held to review all potential candidates (limited spots available)

  • SPOT (Speech, Physio, Occupational Therapy) - provides assessment, consultation, and programming for children with physically-based difficulties

  • Assistive Communications Clinic (ages 0 - 21yrs) - provides assessment, consultation and training to assist clients in developing face-to-face and written communication

  • School Based Rehabilitation Services