Five Free Toronto Activities to Stimulate Language Development

Children learn by exploring the world around them. When possible, changing up your daily routine can be a great way to develop and encourage language development. The following are free, family-friendly activities in and around Toronto to explore with your child.

1. Allan Gardens Conservatory

Take a trip to Allan Gardens Conservatory to explore the 100-year-old greenhouse full of tropical plants and blooms. Use descriptive words to make up a scavenger hunt as you explore the gardens - “Can you find a BIG, GREEN plant?”, or “I see a TINY, RED AND SPIKEY flower, what do you see?”. Talk about how the different rooms feel - “This room is warm and sunny”, or “This room feels humid and moist”. Make a game out of guessing the names of the different flora and fauna. These kinds of reciprocal interactions encourage conversation and give your child many opportunities to practice using language.