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How healthy is your voice?

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

Our voices are very important and we use them to communicate throughout our daily routines. Some professionals especially rely on their voices for work, and need to safeguard their voices even more than the average. If they don't, their voice can become hoarse, they may experience pain, and in some worst case scenarios, they can develop nodules that may require medical intervention.

But don't worry, healthy vocal habits exist! Speech pathologists can help professionals learn to use their voice safely or speak in certain ways that are different from an individual’s natural voice in order to meet the demands of their jobs while maintaining healthy vocal folds.

Professions that are dependent on speech and voice include:

voice therapy
  • Teachers

  • Call-centre agents

  • Comedians

  • Actors

  • Vocal animators

  • Singers

  • Politicians

  • TV or radio hosts

  • Public speakers

  • Many more!

Maintaining a Healthy Voice and How Speech Pathologists Are Involved

It’s very important for everyone to protect their vocal chords. This is sometimes called maintaining ‘vocal hygiene’. Speech pathologist can provide tips on how to do this safely. If a speech professional’s vocal cords are damaged, there may be both personal and career-based consequences. Some tips for maintaining vocal health are outlined below. More information can be found on the following website:

STAY HYDRATED: Drink lots of water and limit alcohol and caffeine.

AVOID SMOKING: Can lead to significant medical damage to the vocal folds

AVOID OVERUSING YOUR VOICE: Rest your voice when not working, avoid screaming or whispering, and use microphones when possible in group addresses.

With the help of a speech therapist or speech pathologist, vocal professionals can get specific training and guidance to properly maintain their voices and enhance their professional abilities. Taking care of your voice is a part of a healthy lifestyle!


Andalusia Speech Therapy has multiple clinics across Ontario and offers virtual therapy to anywhere in the world. Contact us for more information.

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