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What woman helped you speak?

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

It's International Women's Day today. Women have and always will be an integral part of communication. We wanted to let you know that we see you.

We see the mothers who have dropped nearly everything else to help focus on the urgent need for their child to communicate

We see the mothers who juggle a professional career and family life but still make speech therapy a priority for their child

We see the daughters and partners who are helping their loved ones recover from an accident/stroke and being the pillar for the family

We see the women who have established their place in the professional world and are carving out time from their busy schedule to dedicate to self-improvement

We see the women who have courageously ventured to a new country and are determined to make their words clear in their new tongue so they can be heard

We see the women who are recovering from an injury/ stroke as they persist through the recovery process

We see the women social workers, case managers, and other allied health professionals that help us create a team of advocacy for the people we want to help.

We see you all. We see your strength, your passion, your ferocious stamina. We know your worth. We want you to always continue to speak up. We and the rest of the world are listening.

Much love and appreciation to every woman we have had the pleasure of working with.


Ibtissam Mustaq

Founder & Lead Speech Language Pathologist

Andalusia Speech Therapy

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