2 Year Old Speech Milestones – Language Development Norms

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

It's incredible how fast kids grow - both physically and intellectually! Maybe you've been comparing your child to other toddlers their age, or wondering if they are too shy or not as talkative as their siblings.

Using evidence-based research and consulting with our team of Speech Language Pathologists, we've put together a list of milestones that children typically achieve around the age of 2. Have a look and see if this sounds like your little one!

A Typical 2 Year Old:

  • Takes turns in conversation

  • Uses rising intonation to ask questions

  • Protests by saying 'no'

  • Completes two-step instructions (i.e. "Take the ball and give it to Mommy")

  • Makes a choice between two options (i.e. "Banana or crackers?")

  • Understands 250-300 words

  • Uses 70-100 words overall

  • Asks questions that begin with 'Where-'

  • Calls themselves by their own name

  • Puts two words together

  • Has speech that is about 50% clear

  • Says 'mine'

  • Has speech sounds 'p', 'b', 'd', 'm', 'n', 'h'

  • Working on sounds 'k', 't', 'g', 'ing'

If you'd like to see these milestones in action, check out the video we created: