We are all just trying to get through every day with the best experience. We support each other as a team and work with our clients through their ups and downs to help achieve their goals. We are here to listen and support you respectfully, without judgement, and request the same.  


When you progress on a speech therapy goal, we will let you know and celebrate with you! When you are struggling, we will support you, but we are always honest about progress. If there is a challenge in achieving your goal, you can trust that we will be honest about it and figure it out with you, be it a referral elsewhere or a new strategy! 


We take your privacy very seriously. We abide by the Ontario Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) and never share your personal information outside of our clinics. Any photos or videos taken during assessment or therapy are strictly for assessment or quality assurance purposes with your permission.


We are paperless in our record keeping! We also use reuse paper whenever possible and recycle regularly. We use co-sharing spaces for both our clinic locations to reduce our carbon footprint in multiple ways. Our staff also work remotely or use public transit, bike or walk to work on a regular basis. We are trying to do our part from the start!


We are a small clinic which means our staff work closely together. We are committed to supporting each other, personally and professionally. We share resources, skills and advice, and strive to help each other be the best clinicians and teammates we can be! We love what we do and want our environment to reflect that. 

Community Advocacy

When someone can't afford speech therapy but needs it, we reach out to our business neighbors to ask if they would like to fund speech therapy for someone in their community! We also offer 'free speech days', give presentations to day cares, local health centres and offices, and are involved in advocating with local politicians for public speech funding!


Toronto Clinics

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Online Therapy


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